A crab of the rarest color was caught in the Kuril Islands. According to the daughter of a fisherman who received an unusual catch, her father saw a crab of this color for the first time. At the same time, he has lived on Shikotan since 1982.

Shikotan is the largest island in the Small Range of the Kuril Islands. It is part of the Sakhalin Region and is located near the maritime border of Russia and Japan.

Obviously, the fishermen caught a Kamchatka or blue crab. These species are very similar and are commonly found in the Far East. In most cases, the body of the crab of this species is colored red-brown with a blue tint, however, occasionally there are completely blue individuals. One of these crabs was shown for many years in the Primorsky Aquarium.

Anatoly Sokolov, a specialist in the department of hydrobionts of the Far Eastern Seas of the Primorsky Aquarium, reported in 2018 that " The crab that lives here is really rare — it differs from its relatives in a bright rich color, while most representatives of this species have only a blue tint on the shell and claws." Obviously, the crab from today's catch is a similar rarity.

In 2014, a blue king crab was also caught in Alaska. According to the representative of the Department of Fish and Game of the State of Alaska Scott Kent, this color is very rare and can be caused by a mutation.

In the same year, 2014, a blue king crab was found in Russian crab shipments to Japan. Experts at the research center in Hokkaido attributed its unusual color to the lack of pigment associated with the mutation.