OREANDA-NEWS. February 21, 2012. The performance of the two GTU-20 power plants being part of PGU-52 at Yelets Cogeneration Station came under review of follow-up experts from FSUE “Gas-Turbine Engineering RPC “Salut”. As of today, the equipment has been seamlessly operating since October 2011, each unit having totaled 11 500 and 10 500 running hours respectively.

The gas-turbine power plants, rated 20 MW each, were derived from the AL-21F-3 aircraft engines and deployed in May 2009 at Yelets Cogeneration Station as part of a 52 MW combined-cycle plant project (two GTU-20 and a 12 MW steam turbine). The follow-on modifications were aimed at improving their life and performance parameters.

The specified life of the AL-21F-3 aircraft engine is 1 800 hours versus the enhanced service life of its reworked industrial GTU version equaling now up to 50 000 hours.

Likewise, the commissioning of two similar 20 MW GTU-20S gas-turbine plants is now taking place at GTES-72 Power Station in Yamburg.