OREANDA-NEWS. On October 11, 2008 Thousands of Moscow residents were able to get familiar with the best samples of the Belarusian products at the Belarus 2008 national exhibition at the All-Russian Exhibition centre, reported the Official website www.government.by.

A Belarusian governmental delegation led by Vice-Premier Viktor Burya arrived in the Russian capital to partake in the exposition that displayed all branches of the economy. The national exhibition marked the first stage of the reconstruction of the Belarus Pavilion, the pavilion of the Belarusian SSR that functioned at the times of the Soviet Union.

“We have worked jointly with the Moscow government for several years to turn the former BSSR pavilion into the Belarusian centre of trade and marketing,” Viktor Burya said at the opening ceremony.

Vice-Mayor of Moscow Valery Vinogradov called the opening of the exhibition and the pavilion an especially heartwarming event. He expressed gratitude to the government of Belarus that exerted every effort to restore the national pavilion at the All-Russian Exhibition Centre. “I hope a traditional spirit of cordiality and hospitality peculiar to every Belarusian will live here,” Valery Vinogradov said.

As for the Belarus 2008 Exhibition, the showing was divided into 12 topical blocks. Every block is an economic branch represented by the companies of the relevant national ministries and concerns. Special attention of the exposition was turned to new developments and high-technology products competitive in the foreign market.

The Belarus 2008 national exhibition in Moscow was organized by the Foreign Ministry and the Belexpo National Exhibition Centre.