OREANDA-NEWS.  The event started with a spectacular super-special stage in presence of numerous spectators and fans. The length of the starting special stage was only 2 km. Vladimir Chaguin’s crew passed it with a result – 2 minutes 51 seconds, and Firdaus Kabirov’s crew – for 3 minutes 20 seconds. Our racers took 22nd and 36th places, respectively.

On 27 October the contestants of the Desert Challenge rally surmounted the first “serious” high-speed special stage 280 km long.

We contacted Vladimir Chaguin and asked him to comment on the second day of the contest: “The stage wasn’t so long in order that the contestants could “roll into”, get used to the emulative tempo. We drove normally. There were many jammed vehicles. It’s very hot – the engine overheats (not only our engine), and the vehicle speed is determined by the temperature of the engine, but our vehicle was good. We are in a happy vein”. Chaguin’s result is 3 hours 18 minutes, Kabirov’s one is 3 hours 20 minutes.

The official results can be found at the site of the Desert Challenge rally.