OREANDA-NEWS. The 2TE25K Peresvet, the first Russian main line diesel locomotive manufactured by the Bryansk Engineering Plant (BMZ), has completed the tests.

According to the press service of “Transmashholding”, the tests were conducted at the All-Russian Research and Development and Design Technology Institute (VNIKTI) in Kolomna in cooperation with VNIIJFG and VNIIAS engineers, on the VNIIJT trial circle in Sherbinka (Moscow Region), and the Belorechensk test site (North-Caucasian Railway).

Before the tests, the locomotive had undergone factory tests and completed a 5,000 km exploitation run at the Ratishevo station (South-Eastern Railway).
The tests showed that the diesel locomotive features were in line with the design specifications.

As of now, the BMZ has manufactured two 2TE25Ks. Upon undergoing certification procedures in Russia, one of the locomotives will be send to Kazakhstan where the issue of productionizing the locomotives at the joined Russian and Kazakh venture in the city of Pavlodar will be brought under discussion.
The 2TE25K Peresvet is the first Russian main line diesel locomotive with an electric AC/DC current transfer, and axial traction force control. The locomotive power is 2х2,500 kW. The diesel locomotive features a modular structure, it is fitted with a multifunctional microprocessor control, adjustment and monitoring system, and safety system.