OREANDA-NEWS There was a video of dispute of the Minister Sokolova and the Deputy Bondarenko in the building of the regional Duma about the sum necessary for life within a month on YouTube. The official expressed the opinion that 3.7 thousand rubles is enough "for minimal physiological needs", and noted that "pasta always cost the same". Sokolova was then dismissed, and her Deputy Natalia Krivitskaya became acting head of the regional Ministry of labor. Bondarenko, despite the resignation Sokolova, on Wednesday began an experiment in which he intends to reside in 3,5 thousand roubles a month.

"The experiment is going on with varying success. When purchased, was very upset that the prices in the store, the market is very different from the prices that are in the statistics table. Therefore, I could not afford any butter, no spices, no garlic, no basic products, which I am used to — cheese, sausage," — said Bondarenko.

"For Breakfast (in Thursday) I had one and a half eggs with bread fried in sunflower oil. For lunch I had chicken bone soup and some vegetables — this soup turned out, and stewed vegetables. Dinner will be the same. For dessert, I have a few caramel and Apple, " the Deputy added.

Bondarenko intends the experiment to prove that proper nutrition in 3,5 thousand rubles it is impossible. According to him, the diet included "the simplest vegetables, a minimum of chicken. Other meat this simply diet does not provide." The parliamentarian specified that prepares itself, and the wife and the seven-year-old son eat separately.

"I think that it will be difficult to pass all this. The second day of the experiment and I feel dissatisfaction. I will follow this to the end. I think, of course, the products will not be enough until the end of the experiment, so you probably have to deny yourself, in some moments to limit nutrition. You can not eat enough, you have to deny yourself in order to stretch these products for a month," he said.

The Deputy also noted that he will be forced to abandon sports because of weakness.