OREANDA-NEWS. September 21, 2016. We would like to remind you that the annual load testing of MOEX trading and clearing systems will take place this Saturday, 24 September 2016 (http://moex.com/n13685).

Please note the following details that concern the FX and Equity markets:

1. Exchange gateways located in the 196.* network will not be available during the testing because of their upcoming end of life. ASTS Bridge and MICEX trader terminal users should ensure that the Broadcast setting includes the following IP addresses of the MOEX gateways:,,,

2. The trading systems" configuration, including the available User IDs and their permissions will correspond to the production settings on 6 September 2016.

3. If you plan to connect from IP addresses which you do not use in production, please send the list of those IPs to help@moex.com

4. FAST UDP multicast market data feeds will be published from the Dataspace data center.

5. It is recommended to connect to the trading FIX services located in the Dataspace data center (http://moex.com/a1520) because these servers will become primary in November 2016.

For Derivatives market:

1. For all Plaza2 API logins and trading terminals participating in testing the passwords will be reset to 12345.

    Connection hosts in client_router.ini should be set to:

Leased lines/Colo:





direct= 4101

High-frequency data feeds connections:





Please ensure your client_router.ini settings and passwords are reset to production once the testing is complete.

2. Addresses and TargetCompId for FIX connections should be set to:


Address - : 6001,  TargetCompId   - FD

Drop copy

Address  - : 6002, TargetCompId -   DD

3. Connection hosts for TWIME should be set to:


Address - 9000

Recovery service 

Address - 9001 

4. FAST udp multicast marketdata will remain unchanged.

If you would like to participate in testing, please email your request to help@moex.com before 17:00 MSK on 22 September 2016.

For further information, please contact the Public Relations Department at (495) 363-3232.