OREANDA-NEWS. Participant of Thank You from Sberbank Dmitry Maslov from Izhevsk won 1 million bonuses in the Spasibomania game.

The client registered in the programme in 2013 and has been an active participant since then. He only had to make 15 steps to win the main prize.

“My family and I have not yet overcome the pleasant shock after I won. I have already started thinking about how I am going to spend the bonuses: I am planning to organise a big trip for my family, buy toys and dresses for my daughter and, of course, jewellery for my wife,” said Dmitry Maslov.

The Spasibomania game was launched in early November and very soon became popular among the participants of the bonus programme.

More than 800,000 participants have registered in the programme, more than 1,000 of them have already moved around the entire virtual map, while 700 clients have won prizes of 10,000 bonuses by collecting all pieces of the puzzle or finding bonuses in the winning squares.

“We are very pleased that our game has become enormously popular within such a short period of time, while the number of the winners has been growing every day. We have been putting a lot of effort into increasing the number of possibilities to spend the bonuses and making them as varied as possible, and thanks to this our winner and other participants of the programme will be able to spend their prize bonuses with pleasure and at the same time for some practical purpose,” said Mikhail Kolomiets, Head of the Thank You from Sberbank programme.

The rules of the game are as follows: participants should register at game.spasibosb.ru and then throw a dice and move across a virtual map according to the number on the dice. They can receive prizes or additional privileges, such as a higher accrual of bonuses, depending on the move. Clients can receive additional throws by performing simple actions or withdrawing at least 40 bonuses from their account.