OREANDA-NEWS. In Sweden, almost 150 people demanded compensation for complications received after vaccination against coronavirus. In two cases there were fatal outcomes. According to Swedish Radio, the requirements apply to all three vaccines approved for use in the country: «Pfizer-BioNTech», «Moderna» and «AstraZeneca».

Anders Hultman, Deputy Director of the Insurance Fund for Medicines, noted that the agency is not yet engaged in providing any compensation. «This requires a longer investigation. We made a decision in some cases with minor complications when we refused», he explained.

In March, complications in patients vaccinated with «AstraZeneca» began to be reported from various countries. Some, whose age was less than 55 years, began to show thrombosis. The first person died in Austria 10 days after vaccination. Germany, the United Kingdom and other European countries also reported about some problems. Some States have suspended the use of the drug as a precautionary measure.

On March 18, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) said, that the benefits of the vaccine and the protection of the population far outweigh the possible risks associated with it. But already on April 7, the organization's specialists recognized thrombosis as an extremely rare, but still confirmed side effect of the use of vaccines.