A 23-year-old Kaliningrad citizen named Bruno with his younger sister, a schoolgirl, came to a bank branch on Victory Square on January 1, 2021, wanting to put money on his card. 

Bruno said that there was no one in the lobby of the bank, where the ATMs were lined up. When they entered, one of the devices was beeping loudly, and the inscription on the screen was glowing: "Do you need more time for the operation?" The guy clicked "No". A tray for accepting and dispensing bills opened, in which a large bundle of money lay.

On January 1, the bank did not work, there was no one in the building. Bruno began to call the bank's hotline, but failed - the operators did not answer the call. So Bruno went home with the money, where he called the police, he was invited to the police station.

On the same day, Bruno wrote a statement "On the discovery of funds" and the entire amount (and there was 112,800 rubles) was handed over as a find. And soon the owner of the banknotes was discovered.

Operatives of the criminal investigation department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Central District found the owner of the money and handed him the bills, - said the head of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Kaliningrad region Svetlana Postavnichaya. - The man expressed gratitude to the police and the caring Kaliningrader for their help.

The owner of the money's explanation was very prosaic. According to him, he came to put the amount on the card. And on the eve, like everyone else, he celebrated the New Year. Well, on January 1, I was somewhat relaxed and not quite concentrated. I inserted the money into the ATM and left without pressing the confirmation button.

Bruno did not even think to keep this money for himself. By the way, the owner of the money, as he could, thanked his savior by giving him a couple of pieces of paper from the same bundle.