OREANDA-NEWS.  In order to place Latvian Government Treasury long term debt securities competitive multi-price and non-competitive fixed rate auctions will be run on Nasdaq Riga on May 25, 2016.

The fixed rate for the non-competitive auction set by State Treasury will be published on Nasdaq Riga webpage after the competitive auctions.

 Latvian Government long term debt securities:

ISIN Order book Nominal value (EUR) Maturity date Fixed income coupon dates Competitive
auction date and time for placing bids
Competitive auction
Total value to be placed (EUR)
auction date and time for placing bids
Non-competitive auction
Total value to be placed (EUR)
Settlement date
LV00005 70141 LVGAUNKN22B 1000 27.01.2022 27.01.2017.* 27.01.2018. 27.01.2019. 27.01.2020. 27.01.2021. 27.01.2022. 25.05.2016. 10:00-12:00 16 000 000 25.05.2016. 14:00-15:00 Not set 27.05.2016.

*Coupon interest is accrued from 27.01.2016. The first fixed income coupon on 27.01.2017 will be paid out in full amount.

Latvian Government debt securities auctions under The Treasury of the Republic of Latvia are organized by Nasdaq Riga. Settlement is provided by Latvian Central Depository. From 2005 till the end of 2015 the total volume of Latvian Government debt securities sold at Nasdaq Riga auctions amounted to EUR 5.6 billion.