OREANDA-NEWS. Following a decision of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) Listing Commission of May 23, 2016, bonds KZP02Y10E820 (KZ2C00003580; KZT1,000, KZT65.0 bn; 10 years, semi-annual coupon to be fixed based on the results of the first auction to offer bonds, 30/360) of Development Bank of Kazakhstan (Astana) were included in the "quasi-public debt securities" category of KASE official list.

The Listing Commission decision's effective date will be announced additionally after the named issuer fulfills terms set in sub-clause 2) of clause 1 of Article 18 of KASE internal document "Listing Rules".

Opening of trading in these bonds on KASE will also be announced additionally.

Said bonds' issue is the second one under the first bond program of Development Bank of Kazakhstan registered by the National Bank of Republic of Kazakhstan on December 15, 2014 to the total amount of KZT100.0 bn, and the third issue of said issuer's "internal" bonds which underwent a listing procedure on KASE.

Halyk Finance – subsidiary organization of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan (Almaty) is the representative of the bondholders.

Kazkommerts Securities (subsidiary of Kazkommertsbank) (Almaty) is the financial advisor and underwriter of Development Bank of Kazakhstan.

The said bonds were assigned an abbreviation (ticker) BRKZb3.

More detailed information on said bond issue will be published on KASE website once the Listing Commission's decision becomes effective.