OREANDA-NEWS. May 24, 2016. At CH2M, ethics, integrity and compliance with the law have been embraced by employees and demonstrated with the clients we serve around the globe for seven decades.

One of our founders, Jim Howland, says in his famous Little Yellow Book, “Integrity is the all-important prerequisite to employment. The person must be honest with himself and others or we have no foundation on which to build.”

Each year during Ethics Month at CH2M, we ask our employees to recommit to our Employee Ethics & Business Conduct Principles. It’s our way of putting ethics at the forefront of everything we do.

Available in eight languages, our Employee Ethics & Business Conduct Principles discusses the responsibilities of our leaders, doing the right thing, making the right call, guidance in ethical decision-making, and how employees can seek guidance or report potential ethics violations.

CH2M’s confidential hotline, The Guideline, can be accessed anonymously by phone or on the web. It’s our confidential hotline for seeking guidance, asking questions, raising concerns, or reporting potential violations of our Employee Ethics & Business Conduct Principles, CH2M’s policies or laws.