OREANDA-NEWS. Following the ruling of the Court of Arbitration of Moscow, dated 28 April 2016, on Case No. А40-62837/16-30-110B on recognition of Commercial Bank MILBANK, Limited Liability Company (BoR Registration Number 3256, registration date 27 June 1995) as insolvent (bankrupt) and appointment of a receiver pursuant to Clause 3 Article 18927 of the Federal Law ‘On Insolvency (Bankruptcy)’, the Bank of Russia has decided to terminate (Order No. ОD-1594, dated 23 May 2016) effective 24 May 2016, the operations of the provisional administration of the credit institution Commercial Bank MILBANK, Limited Liability Company, as appointed under BoR Order No. ОD-673, dated 26 February 2016 ‘On appointment of a provisional administration to manage the Moscow-based credit institution Commercial Bank MILBANK (Limited Liability Company following revocation of its banking licence’.