OREANDA-NEWS. It is now possible to pay using bank cards with contactless payment technology at all stations of the Kazan Metro. This project was carried out under the «Cash-free Tatarstan» agreement, which was signed by Sberbank and the Republic of Tatarstan in 2015. International payment system MasterCard is a partner of the project.

Contactless readers have been installed on one turnstile in each of the 10 stations. To perform payment, all passengers have to do is scan their contactless enabled bank card (or other device — watch, mobile phone, bracelet, sticker, etc.) on the reader. It is also possible to buy tickets using any bank card at the cash desks of the Kazan Metro. This was made possible thanks to the addition of Sberbank acquiring terminals. Soon it will be possible to buy tokens for the metro using bank cards in the ticket machines next to cash desks.

Contactless payment technology is optimal where the speed at which customers are served is especially important. Passengers do not need to spend time on buying tickets or tokens, topping up a transport application in advance, searching for the right amount of money or waiting to receive change after purchasing tickets. All they have to do is take out the bank card that they use to make everyday purchases. The cost of paying at the turnstile is 25 roubles, the same price as a one-trip ticket on the Kazan Metro.

Innovation can help transport companies cut operating costs. The implementation of contactless payment technology allows passenger traffic to be redirected, cuts queues, and lowers operational risks.

As international payment technologies are introduced, Kazan’s urban infrastructure is becoming more convenient and user-friendly for those who visit the city, including from other countries.