OREANDA-NEWS. ABN AMRO is active not only in the Netherlands. The bank has Private Banking and Corporate Banking operations around the world. Private Banking offers financial services to wealthy individuals, while Corporate Banking serves large corporates. As part of our international services to corporate clients, we serve Dutch clients with operations outside the Netherlands and offer specialised services in trade and commodities finance, Clearing, Lease and Commercial Finance. These are the fields in which the bank excels. ABN AMRO aims to pursue gradual and disciplined growth of its international activities in the coming years.

ABN AMRO currently generates around 80% of its income in the Netherlands and 20% abroad. The bank is committed to offering services outside the Netherlands, as clients conduct their banking business across the border as well as domestically. ABN AMRO’s employees can use the bank’s extensive, international network to serve clients around the world. ABN AMRO also diversifies its activities from a risk perspective, too, so as not to be solely dependent on the Netherlands. The bank aims to generate 20% to 25% of its income outside the Netherlands in 2017.

ABN AMRO Corporate Banking offers products and services to business clients, varying from SMEs to multinationals. Outside the Netherlands, the bank serves Dutch clients at local Dutch Desks in selected markets. ABN AMRO serves international clients with annual turnover exceeding 250 million euros in niche sectors in which the bank has specific expertise, such as Energy, Commodities & Transportation (ECT) financing.

ECT Clients focuses on financing commodities trade, shipping and offshore oil extraction services. ECT Clients serves clients from its offices in Amsterdam, Athens, Dallas, Dubai, Hong Kong, Moscow, New York, Oslo, Rotterdam, S?o Paulo, Shanghai and Singapore.

ABN AMRO Clearing has a top 3 position worldwide. This business offers clients financing and handles the settlement of share transactions from its eleven offices around the world. ABN AMRO Clearing processes more than 16 million transactions daily.

ABN AMRO is active in Western Europe in the fields of leasing and asset-based lending. For more than a century, the bank has also provided financial services to the international diamond and jewellery sector from its offices in Antwerp, Dubai, Hong Kong and New York.