OREANDA-NEWS. Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan): Financial Conditions (July 2016)

Monetary Aggregates   For the month of July 2016, the monthly growth rates of the monetary aggregates M1B and M2, measured on a daily average basis, were 0.68% and 0.54%, respectively, both higher than those of last month. The annual growth rates of M1B and M2 increased to 6.24% and 4.70%, respectively, mainly because of net foreign capital inflows and faster growth in foreign currency deposits. For the first seven months of this year, the average annual growth rates of M1B and M2 were 6.32% and 4.79%, respectively.

Direct and Indirect Finance   At the end of July, the monthly growth rate of total outstanding loans and investments (measured on a cost basis) of monetary financial institutions was 0.37%, higher than that at the end of the previous month. Meanwhile, the annual growth rate decreased from 4.70% at the end of the previous month to 4.15% mainly because of slower growth in bank claims on the government and the private sector, and a further decrease in bank claims on government enterprises.