OREANDA-NEWS. In April-August 2016, the total value of federal loan bonds (OFZ) sold by the Bank of Russia from its own portfolio was 133.279 billion rubles worth. Also, in January-August 2016, the Bank of Russia redeemed its OFZ which overall nominal value was 35.847 billion rubles.

  OFZ nominal value in billion rubles
Sold in April 2016 60.694
Sold in May 2016 59.207
Sold in June 2016 11.580
Sold in July 2016 0.630
Sold in August 2016 1.168
Redeemed in January — August 2016 35.847
Amount of outstanding loan as of 1 September 2016 61.411

The Bank of Russia will continue to sell OFZ and provide sales results information on a monthly basis.