OREANDA-NEWS. Under the name of SPI Multi Premia® SIX Swiss Exchange introduced today a new index family for factor-based investments. Therefore special quality criteria, called factors, of individual securities will take into consideration. In respect of the new index family, these factors are value, size, momentum, residual momentum, reversal, low risk and quality.

Based on the 60 largest and most liquid SPI® stocks, each of seven single-factor indices (SPI Single Premia Indices®) examines one specific factor. Using statistical analysis, those 30 SPI stocks are selected that show the best values in respect of the specific factor. The multi-factor index, SPI Multi Premia Index®, combines the SPI Single Premia Indices® and allows the absorption of all seven factor premiums.

The Multi Premia® approach was developed and made available for the new index family by Finreon, an established partner for innovative investment concepts in the area of asset management. Dr Ralf Seiz, CEO of Finreon and lecturer at the University of St. Gallen (HSG): "The SPI Multi Premia Index® enables investors to participate in market developments as well as in additional, academically proven sources of return on a broadly diversified basis and is therefore suitable as an ideal alternative for a core investment in Swiss stocks."

SIX Swiss Exchange has been carrying out all distribution and marketing activities for Swiss indices again since June 2016. Christoph Landis, Division CEO SIX Swiss Exchange: "We have included many new services and products in our offering in recent years and therefore provided investors with new investment options. The launch of the SPI Multi Premia® index family is a further milestone. It extends our offer of strategic indices and offers investors new opportunities for realizing their investment goals using alternative approaches."