OREANDA-NEWS. Today, 40 additional Sponsored Funds can be traded on SIX Swiss Exchange. The new products from ten issuers complement the existing offering which now comprises over 400 traditional investment funds from 80 different providers. The range of newly admitted funds includes the first product on the new SPI Multi Premia Index®.

Last week SIX Swiss Exchange has introduced SPI Multi Premia, a new index family for factor-based investments. As the first provider, Credit Suisse Index Solutions replicates the SPI Multi Premia Index with a product that can already be traded in the Sponsored Funds segment as of today. Bank Julius Baer acts as market maker and is striving to provide the narrowest possible spreads at all time.

As a result, the Sponsored Funds segment of SIX Swiss Exchange grows again and offers investors yet more solutions. In May, Bank Julius Baer had already increased the choice for investors by 30 products.

Sponsored Funds offer investors numerous benefits. They can trade fund units like shares at any time and implement investment decisions immediately. Furtheremore, as with all other products, orders can be placed with price limits (and corresponding validity). Contrary to primary trading, they can execute orders at known prices while enjoing the protection of the regulated trading environment at SIX Swiss Exchange. Meanwhile, the proven advantages of traditional investment funds such as diversity and safety remain.