OREANDA-NEWS. The race for leadership has ratcheted up noticeably during the second week at the final selection stage for the symbols of new 200- and 2,000-ruble banknotes. The first five leading performers virtually demonstrate almost the same standings in terms of the number of points, they now face minimum distance in-between themselves, and the change of leaders occurs practically on a day-to-day basis. Notably, all the best five performers changed standings for less than 24 hours.

As of 10 a.m., 16 September, Volgograd is at the top again (104,311 votes) followed by Sevastopol (102,818 votes). Irkutsk found to be fifth yesterday won two positions back and now ranks third (101,995 votes). The Far East is fourth (100,544 votes), whereas Kazan is fifth (99,280 votes). Sochi that stands out from the follow-up competitors is now sixth, continues to collect its points and gradually catches up with the leaders followed by Nizhny Novgorod, Vladimir, Sergiyev Posad and Petrozavodsk.

For today, more than 840,000 people cast their votes for the candidates on the website Твоя-Россия.рф.

The all-Russian selection of symbols for new 200- and 2,000-ruble banknotes was initiated by the Bank of Russia. Never before the Russians could suggest and select symbols for new banknotes by themselves. The competition will be a three-round procedure with 7 October 2016 being its final day when the winners will be announced.