OREANDA-NEWS. In recent years, with the rapid growth of mobile payment demands arising from the penetration of smart phones and mobile internet, ICBC has accelerated the promotion and the application of its own quick payment product ICBC e-Payment. By the end of July 2016, users of the ICBC e-Payment surpassed 100 million to 102 million, making ICBC the commercial bank with 100-million-level online payment customers.

As a quick payment product launched by the ICBC in the beginning of 2011 to meet customers’ needs of small-value and express payment, ICBC e-Payment is compatible both with PC and mobile phones. Customers can complete online small-value payment by accepting identity authorization via “mobile number+the last six numbers of the bank account (account alias) +dynamic passwords”. ICBC e-Payment supports a concurrent transaction volume of 11.2 million per second and the system processing takes only 0.123 milliseconds, facilitating customers to complete rush shopping. In terms of security, all transactions via ICBC e-Payment are conducted on the bank side, effectively averting the risks of customer information leakage and fund theft possibly during transfer to the third-party transaction platform. In addition, after enabling the accounts for “ICBC e-Payment”, customers can also enable the balance prompt function to further guarantee the security of accounts.

After years of optimization and promotion, ICBC e-Payment has evolved from the initial small-value payment instrument into a bank-wise payment brand available for all kinds of application scenarios including online payment, withdrawing cash by scanning the code, and QR code-based payment and all sorts of verification modes such as USB-Shield, electronic password device, dynamic passwords and static passwords. Customers can make payment for shopping on e-commerce platforms including Taobao, Tmall, JD. Com and Vipshop, airline tickets on Air China and other airlines and train tickets on 12306. com via ICBC e-Payment.