OREANDA-NEWS. In August 2016, the operating banks earned a profit of UAH 2.7 billion. In August, the banking sector's net interest income almost doubled m-o-m to UAH 4.9 billion, while net commission income increased by 4.7%, reaching UAH 2.2 billion. The increase in the interest income can be attributed to the restructuring of banks' loan portfolios rather than the revival of lending. Banks started restructuring their loan portfolios  as part of the implementation of recapitalization programs  following the asset quality review.

In August, 78 banks earned a profit of UAH 3.7 billion, while in July 74 banks posted a profit of UAH 1 billion. In August, 22 banks posted losses of UAH 1.1 billion.

The banking system’s capital adequacy ratio increased in August 2016 due to contributions to the authorized capital.