OREANDA-NEWS. VEB is to bring its cooperation with constituent entities of the Russian Federation to a new, most efficient level. As part of a new approach to interaction in delivering regional investment projects, the Bank offers its customers complex solutions and expert evaluation, as well as assistance in co-investment structuring.

At the XV International Investment Forum Sochi 2016, Vnesheconombank, seeking to promote cooperation, signed the respective Memoranda with seven regions. The include Chairman of Vnesheconombank Sergey Gorkov, Governor of Ivanovo Region Pavel Konkov, Governor of Orenburg Region Yury Berg, Governor of Kaluga Region Anatoly Artamonov, Governor of Tula Region Aleksey Dyumin, Governor of Krasnoyarsk Territory Viktor Tolokonsky, Acting Governor of Yaroslavl Region Dmitry Mironov and Chairman of the Government of the Chechen Republic Abubakar Sayd-Husaynovic Edelgeriev.

In the Kaluga Region, Vnesheconombank participates in 4 major investment projects totaling RUB 54.3bn and aiming to develop technological cluster and special economic zone infrastructure, medical engineering and pharmaceuticals, construction materials industry, and transport infrastructure. Overall, the Bank for Development has provided to the region over RUB 41.4bn worth of credit resources.

The Orenburg Region and Vnesheconombank are jointly delivering 7 projects for the total amount of RUB 19.6bn with RUB 19.5bn already made available by the Bank. The priority industries include agriculture, defence, as well as mechanical and transport engineering. Another project aiming to develop beef cattle breeding in the region and totaling more than RUB 6bn is now under consideration at Vnesheconombank.

Aided by Vnesheconombank, the Krasnoyarsk Territory is implementing 6 projects totaling RUB 175.1bn in timber processing, metallurgy, and energy infrastructure. VEB extended RUB 151.2bn. A RUB 13.6bn project to complete the construction of and put into operation a rolling mill at the Krasnoyarsk smelter is now under consideration at Vnesheconombank.

In the Yaroslavl Region, Vnesheconombank is co-financing 5 projects for the total amount of RUB 53.9bn in agriculture, engine building, tourism, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, as well as energy infrastructure. VEB extended RUB 22.1bn.

Vnesheconombank renders financial support to 3 projects in defence and agriculture in the Tula Region. Vnesheconombank extended RUB 7.8bn. At present, Vnesheconombank has under consideration a RUB 44.4bn project to build a casting and rolling complex at the site of PAO Tulachermet.

Currently under review at Vnesheconombank is a project to build a polyethylenterephthalat complex for textile manufacture in the Ivanovo Region. The project is estimated at RUB 25.7bn, with Vnesheconombank’s commitment standing at RUB 20.3bn.

In the Chechen Republic, Vnesheconombank engages in 2 investment projects in agriculture and construction materials industry. The total project value is RUB 10.6bn, Vnesheconombank’s approved commitment – RUB 7.5bn. Furthermore, Vnesheconombank has under consideration a project to build a year-round ski resort in Veduchi for the total amount of RUB 1.8bn.