OREANDA-NEWSVostochny Bank shareholder Evison Holdings (owns 52% of the bank’s shares, owned by the Baring Vostok fund) filed a claim with the credit institution demanding that an extraordinary shareholders meeting be convened. The claim is registered in the Arbitration Court of the Amur Region. In the same statement of claim, the Baring structure asks the court to oblige the bank to approve a new list of candidates to the board of directors, which should be submitted to shareholders for consideration.The main shareholders of Vostochny, Baring and the ex-owners of Uniastrum Bank, merged with Vostochny in 2017, are in a state of conflict.

At present, the board of directors of Vostochny is sitting in an incomplete composition. Three members of the board of directors of the bank from the Baring Vostok foundation were arrested in February: this is the founder of Baring Michael Calvey (under house arrest) and partners of the Foundation Philippe Delpal and Ivan Zyuzin (contained in the detention center). A criminal case against them on suspicion of fraud in the amount of 2.5 billion rubles. was filed at the request of a representative of another group of shareholders - the minority shareholder of Vostochny, Sherzod Yusupov (owns 4.8% of the shares). The only independent director on Vostochny’s board of directors — Nikolai Varma, the former managing director of the Morgan Stanley group for financial institutions, left Vostochny’s board of directors in April.

The lack of a quorum prevented the Board of Directors from making a decision on holding an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders on May 6, which follows from the disclosure of the bank. The next meeting of the board of directors, at which the question of convening an annual general meeting of shareholders will be considered, was announced on May 17.