OREANDA-NEWSThe cost of Bitcoin on Tuesday morning is growing by more than 15% on the return of major players to the market, according to the data of trades and expert comments. As informs portal CoinMarketCap, calculating the price of more than 20 exchanges, at 08:27 Moscow time, Bitcoin rose by 16.68%, rising to the mark of 4.817 thousand dollars. Also, as evidenced by the largest exchange of cryptocurrency Binance, the exchange rate of Bitcoin rose by 15.94%, to the level of 4,793 thousand dollars.

At about 7 o'clock on the morning of April 2, the virtual currency market received a powerful impetus in the last six months, due to a jump in the price of bitkoin. The total capitalization of the crypto market increased by $ 12 billion, and trade volumes reached their peak in 2019.

The cost of other popular cryptocurrencies is also growing: Ethereum - by 7.11%, up to 152.46 dollars, Ripple - by 8.24%, up to 0.3363 dollars, Bitcoin Cash - by 9.75%, up to 185.17 dollars. According to CoinMarketCap, the cryptocurrency market capitalization currently stands at $ 163.242 billion. Bitcoin accounts for about 52% of the total cryptocurrency market.

Investment Director of the international network Cryptolife.World explains this dynamic by the return of large players to the market. “I believe that the“ bear market ”is over. Now either Bitcoin will trade in the range of 3.2 to 5-6 thousand dollars, or it will only grow. There is no big news on the market. Growth can be associated with a change in sentiment and the arrival of major players to the market ", - said the expert.

Experienced experts predicted market recovery. The growth is also facilitated by the stabilization of the market, the speculative interest of large coin holders and the regulation of the cryptoindustry.