OREANDA-NEWSThe ruble rose to second place in terms of volatility of world currencies against the US dollar. The relevant data are provided on the Bloomberg website.

The imputed ruble volatility, calculated from the prices of three-month options, is 25.9%. Mexico comes first with a volatility of 26.3%. The ruble reached such volatility indicators against the backdrop of the failure of the deal between the Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia on the extension of agreements to reduce oil production in force since 2017, after March, as well as the emerging threat of the spread of a new type of coronavirus.

The dollar at the time of closing of major trading (18:50 Moscow time on March 18) grew by 6%, to 79.97 rubles, and the euro - by 4.64%, to 86.75 rubles. After that, however, the ruble continued to fall: the European currency reached 88 rubles, and the American currency came close to 81, stopping at 80.87 rubles - at the upper limit of the established price range. The market has not seen such indicators since the winter of 2016.