OREANDA-NEWS  The Deputy of the Saratov regional Duma from the Communist party Nikolay Bondarenko  decided to spent only 3.5 thousand rubles a month for groceries. In conversation with journalists Bondarenko expressed the opinion that this "diet" involves only low food quality and malnutrition.

"It is wrong to call it an experiment, because for millions people it is the norm, they live in the deepest poverty. The fact that this is a problem that it needs to be changed is an absolutely established fact," he said.

According to Bondarenko, such a diet can talk about two things — "either it is the consumption of very low-quality products due to the fact that they are cheap, or it is malnutrition." "Such a policy, except as genocide, cannot be called," he added.

According to the Deputy, he passed medical examination before transition to such diet to which he began to adhere on October, 23. At the end, he plans to visit the doctor again. "At first I just passed the test are all within norms," he stressed.

Bondarenko said that his initiative was supported by colleagues in the Communist party faction. "As for my opponents-the deputies of United Russia and all sorts of Pro-government structures, they giggle, look at it with sarcasm. They are trying to whitewash, justify their position, they also vote for all this," he added.

The MP believes that in the regions a living wage needs to be increased to 20 thousand rubles., and the basket — up to 10 thousand RUB. In the capital these amounts, according to officials, should be above, but to name a specific figure in a conversation with RBC difficult. "Life in Moscow is objectively more expensive. I can not say for sure, because I am in Moscow is extremely rare," explained Bondarenko.

On 12 October the Deputy Nikolay Bondarenko reacted to the resignation of the Minister of employment, labour and migration of the region Natalia Sokolova, he expressed the desire to experiment with living on 3.5 thousand RUB Sokolova Previously said he considers a normal subsistence level. She refused to live with such expenses, having explained the decision "status".