OREANDA-NEWS. Borscht in Ukraine has grown in price 2.6 times over the year, which is due to the unstable situation in the Ukrainian agricultural sector. Such conclusions are contained in the analytical report of the EastFruit company published on Tuesday.

According to experts, at the moment wholesale prices for carrots are twice as high as last year, for onions - 2.5 times, for white cabbage and beets - three times. The only ingredient included in the classic borscht recipe, which cost less in a year, turned out to be potatoes - average wholesale prices for them are one third lower than a year ago.

According to analysts, such a significant rise in prices for the main ingredients of borscht was influenced by the reduction in acreage, which is associated with unfavorable weather conditions. At the same time, the article notes, farmers have been expanding the area for potatoes over the past few years.

Investments in the cultivation of "borsch set" vegetables have also decreased due to a decrease in the profitability of these crops against the background of a significant increase in prices for grains and oilseeds. At the same time, as noted in the report, the level of risks in growing cereals is much lower than in growing onions, beets, carrots or cabbage.

In addition, according to experts, the cultivation of vegetables was negatively affected by the introduction of the law on the purchase and sale of agricultural land, after which the agrarians were forced to buy land, directing free resources that could be invested in agricultural production.

In Ukraine, the "borscht set" reflects the cost of the most popular vegetables - cabbage, onions, carrots, potatoes and beets. This dish is so popular in the country that economists use the cost of food for its preparation to assess the real state of the economy and the financial capabilities of society, and deputies of the Verkhovna Rada proposed to establish a day of borscht in the country and celebrate it on the second Saturday of September.