OREANDA-NEWSThe People’s Bank of China (Central Bank) on Monday injected liquidity into the country's economy in the amount of 250 billion yuan (about $ 36.4 billion). This is stated on the official website of the regulator. As follows from the statement of the bank, funds were added through 14-day reverse repo transactions at a rate of 2.65%.

The measures are aimed at maintaining a reasonable and sufficient level of liquidity in the banking system of China in anticipation of the holidays on the occasion of the celebration of the New Year on the lunar calendar (will come on the night of January 24 to 25).

In a statement by the Central Bank, this year China will continue to adhere to a proactive fiscal policy and a neutral - neither too tight nor too soft - monetary policy in order to ensure the country's economic growth, as well as maintaining liquidity at a reasonable and sufficient level.