OREANDA-NEWS. The Central Bank of Russia has revoked the banking license from the Samara’s «Sputnik» bank. This is stated in the message of the regulator. This is the only Russian bank with which the Foreign Trade Bank of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea had correspondent relations in the framework of the UN resolution.

In September, the Central Bank entrusted the Deposit Insurance Agency with the functions of an interim administration for managing the «Sputnik». After conducting an audit of the cash registers of banking divisions, it was discovered that a large shortage of cash, following the results of the audit, criminal cases were initiated. Later it turned out that «Sputnik» had completely lost its capital.

As a result, the Central Bank decided to revoke the bank's license. The regulator reports that «Sputnik» was violating federal laws that regulate banking activities, violating regulations and orders of the Central Bank, and also it was involved in dubious foreign exchange transactions.

The administration's activities, represented by the DIA, to manage the bank have been stopped. A temporary administration has been appointed in «Sputnik», which will operate it until the appointment of a bankruptcy commissioner or liquidator. The powers of the executive bodies of the credit institution have been suspended.