OREANDA-NEWS. Last year, nearly three times as many billionaires appeared in China than in the US, according to a report by the Chinese research company Hurun. According to experts, in China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan) as of January 31, the total number of billionaires was 799, an increase of 182.

In the United States over the past year, 59 new billionaires appeared, and their number grew to 626. According to the report, Beijing remains the world capital for the number of billionaires (110) for the fifth year in a row. For comparison: in New York, according to experts, 98 live in them. In Shenzhen, the number of billionaires was 75, and in Guangzhou - 45, notes SCMP.

According to the Hurun Report, Shanghai for the first time surpassed Hong Kong in this indicator: 17 new billionaires appeared there in a year, and seven in the special administrative region of China (the total number rose to 83 and 76, respectively).

According to the American media, referring to the report, the outbreak of the coronavirus undermined the second largest economy in the world, but at the same time led to an increase in the value of shares of Chinese companies participating in the pharmaceutical market, as well as those involved in the field of online education and online games.