OREANDA-NEWSThe dynamics of the development of the Chinese economy due to the negative impact of the pandemic from January to March, inclusive, turned out to be negative, amounting to -6.8%. This was reported on Friday by the State Statistical Office of the PRC.

In the 1st quarter of 2019, this indicator reached 6.4%. As noted in a report distributed at a press conference, the country's GDP for three months amounted to 20.65 trillion yuan (approximately $ 2.92 trillion at the current rate). The agricultural sector over the specified period decreased by 3.2%, to 1.02 trillion yuan (about $ 142.82 billion), industry - by 9.6%, to 7.36 trillion yuan ($ 1.04 trillion), the service sector - 5.2%, to 12.27 trillion yuan ($ 1.73 trillion).

In China, GDP growth is slowly slowing. In 2017, they amounted to 6.8%, in 2018 they fell to 6.6%, and in 2019, when the Chinese economy amounted to 99 trillion yuan (about $ 14.4 trillion), to 6.1%.