OREANDA-NEWSBitcoin miners earn 8 times more commissions on transactions than other cryptocurrency earners. In just 24 hours, the miners managed to earn about $ 580 thousand, reports the Longhash portal, citing data from the analytical company Messari.io. 

Miners earned $ 68,000 on Ethereum mining. Litecoin received $ 1,100. The total amount of commissions paid by users of Lisk, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash, XRP, Dogecoin and Ethereum Classic, was less than $ 1,500. Last week it became known that Bitmain reduced computing power by 88%. The mining corporation has published a new report on its own Bitcoin mining operations. Coindesk analysts have suggested that the company could suspend the work of 130 thousand units of equipment AntMiner S9.

Bitcoin rate has increased by 35% since the beginning of May, reaching $ 7,200 per unit as of 13:00 Moscow time on May 12, follows from the data of the Trading View portal. Thus, the cryptocurrency exceeded $ 7,000 for the first time since September 2018, when it cost $ 7,400 per unit. Despite the dynamics, the current value of Bitcoin is far from peaks. The most expensive cryptocurrency cost at the end of December 2017, when the rate reached $ 19,650. Then, Bitcoin came to the peak in just a month - at the end of November 2018, the cost was $ 8,000. After a sharp rise, there was a similar sharp decline - at the beginning of February 2018, the rate rolled back to $ 6,900.

There is a real demand for Bitcoin, but it is connected with the next round of tensions in the US-Chinese trade war, says Alexander Sp. On May 10, US President Donald Trump announced the imposition of import duties on Chinese goods to the United States totaling $ 300 billion. The list of products subject to new tariffs will be available on May 13.