OREANDA-NEWSThe Bank of Russia database of customers who have been denied service by financial institutions has got online. As reported on Friday, the Russian media, we are talking about about 120 thousand citizens and companies, a database which appeared on specialized forums.

The database contains persons who have been denied service by financial organizations, relying on the law on combating the laundering of criminally obtained incomes and the financing of terrorism, the newspaper writes. In total, the database has about 120 thousand citizens and companies, the newspaper said. Most of them are individuals, for which their full name, date of birth, series and passport number are indicated, as well as individual entrepreneurs with their full name and TIN. Also in the database there are legal entities - according to them in the database are indicated the name, TIN and OGRN.

The mechanism of information exchange on persons who are denied a bank account agreement, conducting transactions, or terminated an agreement, the Bank of Russia has developed to minimize the risk of conducting illegal and inconsequential operations, including those related to money laundering or terrorist financing, also preventing the “migration” of clients making such dubious transactions between financial institutions.

For customers, a leak is dangerous not only because of the disclosure of data, but by the very fact of being in the database. Customers may accidentally get on the black list of banks, lawyers say.

The press service of the Bank of Russia at the request of Kommersant said that the regulator communicates information about the objectors to market participants in an encrypted form via secure communication channels using certified means of cryptographic protection of information. “The responsibility for the safety of information and the non-transfer of information to third parties is borne by the financial organization that received it,” the Central Bank believes.