OREANDA-NEWSThe dollar against the Japanese yen stopped the sharp decline that began on Wednesday after Iran’s missile attack on US military bases in Iraq, and regained trading position on Tokyo's largest Asian stock exchange. This is evidenced by trading data.

Soon after the news of missile strikes on US military facilities appeared, the US dollar against the yen sank 0.44% to 107.84-107.85 yen per dollar. By 12:00 local time (06:00 Moscow time), the exchange rate of the American currency stopped falling and regained positions, reaching the level of 108.36-108.41 yen per dollar.

The beginning of the restoration of the position of the American currency coincided with the tweet of US President Donald Trump. "Everything is fine! Iran launched missiles at two military bases in Iraq, and damage and casualties are being assessed", Trump said. "Everything is fine! We have the strongest and best equipped armed forces in the world! I will make a statement on Wednesday morning".

According to Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman, Iran launched a missile strike in Iraq on at least two military bases used by the United States. According to the information he provided, the Ain al-Assad base and Erbil airport were shelled. In this case, allegedly more than a dozen missiles were used.