OREANDA-NEWS   The radical movement “Taliban” will not be able to gain access to the assets of the Central Bank of Afghanistan stored in the United States. n principle, it is not very clear why the Taliban need international reserves, said Alexander Razuvaev, the head of the IAC “Alpari”.

“They deny bank interest, and reserves are usually invested in deposits and bonds. They have already banned interest income by their decree. On the other hand, if we are talking about a large amount, then the Taliban (), as has happened more than once in history, may temporarily forget about the principles of Sharia”. 

“Another thing is interesting - can a story similar to the Libyan one be repeated? As you know, access to Gaddafi's finances was frozen in 2011 by the decision of the UN Security Council”. 

“At that time, the banks BNP Paribas Fortis, ING, KBC, Euroclear Bank turned out to be more than 14 billion euros. However, for unknown reasons, the UN Security Council decision did not apply to the accrued interest. For eight years, this amount has increased by 3-5 billion euros, and it was these incomes that turned out to be unknown”. 

“From the point of view of the global economy, Afghanistan is a "black hole", the risks of investments are prohibitive”. 

“The country is doomed to decades of poverty and complete backwardness. As it is known, the invisible hand of the market is not always gentle but always fair ”, - the expert expressed his opinion.