OREANDA-NEWSNorilsk Nickel spent more on paying premiums to management staff than other major Russian companies, the Russian Forbes figured out. The publication analyzed the annual reports of 100 companies with the largest capitalization in 2018, choosing 25 of them, where the top management received the highest payouts. The calculations took into account salaries, bonuses and bonuses for the year, but did not take into account payments calculated on the basis of the level of capitalization of the company, and income received by top managers from owning shares. These 25 companies spent a total of 54.5 billion rubles on the payment of premiums to management. Most of all paid by representatives of the oil and gas sector (they accounted for 17.3 billion rubles), banks (9.6 billion rubles) and metallurgical companies (9.4 billion rubles).

The leaders in paying premiums to managers are:
  1. "Norilsk Nickel" - 6.8 billion rubles. 23 employees. For comparison, a little more than 6 billion rubles were allocated for payments for 2017;
  2. Sberbank - 4.4 billion rubles. 18 employees. In the previous year - 3.9 billion rubles;
  3. Gazprom - 4.3 billion rubles. 17 employees. Payments for 2017 amounted to just over 4.5 billion rubles;
  4. Rosneft - a little more than 4 billion rubles. 17 managers. Compared to 2017, the amount has not changed much;
  5. VTB - 3.7 billion rubles. 24 employees (besides them, some senior members of the management committee of the group, heads of global business lines also received remuneration, there is no information about the exact number). VTB spent 3.8 billion rubles on payments for the previous year.
The list also included the company Arkady Rotenberg "Mostotrest", taking 8th place with a sum of 2.5 billion rubles., Data on the number of managers who received payments were not provided. Forbes notes that according to the quarterly reporting of Mostotrest, only 91.9 million rubles were allocated for payments to the company's board of directors in 2018.