OREANDA-NEWS Forbes has published a new version of the annual Bank reliability rating. The list is based on the assessments of the largest Russian and international rating agencies (Expert RA, ACRA, Fitch, S&P, Moody's).

The rating is divided into five groups. The first group included the most reliable banks with BBB - and BB+ (Fitch) ratings. As last year, the leading positions are held by the "daughters" of foreign banks and major state banks. Unicredit takes the first place in the rating. It is followed by Raiffeisenbank, ROSBANK (the leader of last year's rating), Sberbank and VTB.

Unicredit and Raiffeisenbank have strengthened their positions in the rating since last year, each one has risen by one line. ROSBANK lost two positions at once. Citibank, ING Bank (Eurasia), Nordea, HSBC and Credit Agricole are among the ten most reliable banks.

Among the 100 largest Russian banks, the rating agencies consider NS Bank, Lanta-Bank, fora-Bank, JSCB international financial club and Aresbank to be the least reliable.

As Forbes notes, the Bank's refusal to work with rating agencies is often a symptom of hidden problems. "At the beginning of 2019, ten banks from the top 100 did not work with rating agencies. The Bank's rejection of the rating has always been a call for its customers. Often banks do not use ratings to hide problems. Long before the revocation of the license there was no rating of the Bank "Ugra" (hole over 160 billion rubles), in a similar situation in 2019 was the Moscow Industrial Bank, where the hole is estimated at 60-100 billion rubles", — noted in the comments to the rating.

Among the banks in the top 100 on the assets of the ratings do not have some sanitized banks ("Trust", Mosoblbank, Investtorgbank, GenBank, Gazenergobank and "Tavrichesky"). No ratings from rating agencies and banks of state-owned corporations, "Roscosmos" and "Rostec" — Fundservicebank and "Timer".