OREANDA-NEWS Forbes has published a rating of the richest Russian families. For the second year in a row it was headed by the family of Mikhail Gutseriev, the total state of which is estimated at 5.97 billion dollars.

It is noted that the clan "lost" one of its members — Mikail Shishkhanov. The state of the family also significantly decreased over the year — in 2017 it amounted to 9.91 billion dollars. The publication included in the family, in addition to Mikhail Gutseriev, Sait-Salam Gutseriev, Said Gutseriev and Bilan Uzhakhov.

In second place is Rotenberg, whose financial condition is estimated at 4.85 billion dollars. In addition to Arcadia and Boris, the family includes a son Igor and daughter Lily. As the newspaper notes, the business of this family is hampered by the sanctions imposed in 2014, but over the past year their combined state increased by 650 million dollars.

The third place was taken by Valentin Gapontsev and his son Denis. Their combined financial condition the newspaper estimated 3.14 billion. At the same time, last year Gapontsev was not even in the top 10 of the rating.

Completing the top five family Shajmievym (2.48 billion) and Rakhimkulova ($1.7 billion).

The top ten richest Russian families also became Sarkisov (half a billion dollars), Samalova (1.47 billion dollars), Bagaeva (1,41 billion), Magomedov ($1.4 billion) and Sobecka (1.06 billion dollars).

The co-owners of Summa group, brothers Ziyavudin and Magomed Magomedov, fell from the fifth line to the ninth, their combined state of Forbes estimated at $1.4 billion (a year earlier — $1.75). Brothers at the beginning of the year became involved in the criminal case of embezzlement, fraud and the creation of a criminal community and were arrested.

In addition to Magomedov, the second five of the rating included the head of the Council of the PECO group Sergey Sarkisov and his brother Nikolai ($1.5 billion), co-owner of the Bank "Russia" Nikolai Shamalov and his son Kirill ($1.47 billion), President of the Alliance group Musa Bazhaev with his nephew Denis and brother Mawlit ($1.41 billion) and the family of the founder of the "Cox Group" Boris Zubitsky, who died in 2017 (the total state of Galina, Eugene and Andrei Zubitsky, wife of the latter Victoria Cossack magazine estimated at $1.06 billion).

Forbes assessed the family's condition by the value of assets as of July 30. The income of families of civil servants by the magazine wasn't estimated.