OREANDA-NEWSUkraine is moving towards a catastrophe associated with a default, said former minister of economy Viktor Suslov on the TV channel NewsOne. According to him, the current economic policy of Kiev leads Ukraine to default, which will significantly aggravate the situation in the country. "In the event of a default, poor citizens of Ukraine will finally become poor, there will be a devaluation, there will be a jump in prices, perhaps several times, there will be a depreciation of all money incomes and savings. This will be a catastrophe, but with this economic policy, we must now let's go", said Suslov.

Earlier, he called on President Vladimir Zelensky to return Ukraine to the Russian market. Last week, Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky said that the new head of state should abandon the IMF's aid program or default on foreign debt. Resigning Ukrainian Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman expressed the opinion that even talk of default is harmful to the country.

It was also reported that Kiev bears huge economic losses from the conflict with Russia. Huge money could flow into the country if trains went from China to Europe through its territory, however, because of the conflict with Russia, Belarus receives all the profits, said the former Minister of Transport of Ukraine Yevhen Chervonenko.

At the same time, Chervonenko noted that Ukraine in 2014 was ready to launch the first train from Europe to China, but this didn't happen because of the regime change. “We had to start a container train from Slovakia to China, he was already loaded by Slovakia. On March 7, 2014, President Yanukovych was supposed to wave a handkerchief in Kiev, but a revolution occurred. And today, according to our codes, only 75 trains run through Belarus every week via Belarus", the former minister said.