OREANDA-NEWSFor the second time this week, PJSC Gazprom has become the market capitalization leader in Russia. On the afternoon of Thursday, July 25, Gazprom’s shares went up in price - the maximum cost reached 228.94 rubles per share, in percentage terms the growth reached 8%. This follows from the data of the Moscow Exchange.

According to the data of 14:16, the capitalization of Gazprom amounted to 5.33 trillion rubles, while the market value of Sberbank, including preferred shares, was at the level of 5.02 trillion rubles. Thus, the state oil and gas company once again became the leader in the Russian stock market, overtaking Sberbank.

July 23 Gazprom overtook Sberbank by capitalization and became the most expensive company in the country. However, then there was a noticeable decline in the value of the shares of the state-owned company, as a result of which it lost its leading position. During the auction on July 25, the growth of Gazprom shares recovered, adding about 8% (to 228.94 rubles per share). At the same time, growth of Sberbank shares was insignificant (didn't exceed 1%), which again led to a change of the leader.

At the same time, the growth of Gazprom’s shares occurred against the background of the company's message that its two 100% subsidiaries, the Dutch Gazprom Gerosgaz Holdings and the Cypriot Rosingaz Limited, decided to place 693.63 million shares on the Moscow Exchange (total value of 147 billion rubles) parent company.

Gazprom and Sberbank vie for the first place on the Russian market for not the first week: the gas holding bypassed the bank on June 3, and in early July the company's capitalization updated its 11-year maximum and amounted to more than 6 trillion rubles. However, on July 17, Sberbank again overtook Gazprom.