OREANDA-NEWSOn the Moscow Exchange, the value of Gazprom shares rose 2.33% and rose to 259 rubles. per share, according to trading data. The previous time, Gazprom shares were so expensive in August 2008. In May of that year, their value reached a historic maximum of 369.5 rubles, but then it went down and in October fell to an absolute minimum of 84 rubles for paper.

At the opening on Wednesday, the value of Gazprom shares was 252.9 rubles, which was slightly lower than the previous day's closing level (253.1 rubles). The day before, on October 29, the concern announced the filling of the Power of Siberia pipeline with gas from the Chayandinskoye field. Against the background of this message, the company's share price rose by 3.56%.

Recently, Morgan Stanley revised the recommendation for Gazprom shares; in addition, investors are awaiting the approval of a new dividend policy in December, says Sergey Suverov, senior analyst at BCS Premier. On October 29, Interfax reported that Morgan Stanley analysts had recommended buying Gazprom shares and indicated a 58% upside potential. A week earlier, they recommended holding Gazprom papers. Other analysts didn't change forecasts, according to a review of Interfax on October 29.