OREANDA-NEWSOil prices may exceed $ 30 per barrel in the summer due to a recovery in demand, but a sharp increase in value shouldn't be expected. This opinion was expressed by the head of Gazprom Neft, Alexander Dyukov, said on the air of the Russian television channel.

"The market believed in the seriousness of the parties to this deal, indeed, along the path of reducing production, and the deal, you can say, has already begun to work. But at the same time, of course, we should not expect a sharp increase in oil prices in May. I hope that in the summer this year, with the restoration of oil demand, prices will already exceed the level of $ 30 per barrel, and by the end of the year they will approach $ 40 per barrel", he said.

Dyukov also believes that the deal to reduce production will give Russia advantages in the form of reserve capacities, which will strengthen the country's position in the negotiations in the future.