OREANDA-NEWS.Indonesia's Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Susi Pujiastuti, challenged Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg to arrange a sailing surfing competition on a paddle board. The proposal raised a great resonance in the instagram.

“I also enjoy surfing, so I’m challenging you”, the minister wrote in a comment to a photo of Zuckerberg, which he recently published on his Instagram page. At the same time, the head of the department set a condition that in case of her victory, the Facebook founder should give 10% of the company's shares. “In the end, I will sell my winnings, and with the money I’ll buy I will buy a big ship for Indonesia, which will sink foreign poachers entering the republic’s territorial waters”, she also noted in her comment. In addition, the plans of the Minister included the "acquisition of many small vessels for local fishermen".

There was no reaction either from Zuckerberg or from Facebook. But her comments received tens of thousands of likes, several thousand social network users called on the head of the company to accept the challenge. At the moment, the whole community is awaiting the response of the founder of the social network to the proposal.

Some time ago, Pudzhiastuti arranged such a race with the deputy governor of Jakarta and won. One of the few women in the government, 54-year-old Pujiastuti has become famous for its tough attitude towards foreign poachers. On the instructions of the President of the country, Joko Vidodo, the Minister launched a large-scale campaign to destroy the offending ships. According to her, over the four years of his tenure as minister, more than 10,000 foreign ships were destroyed. Often, the Pudzhiastuti personally goes into the sea and controls flooding operations.