OREANDA-NEWSUntil the end of 2019, Ukraine should pay 80.3 billion hryvnias (almost $ 3.3 billion) on public debt. This is evidenced by the data of the Ministry of Finance of the country. At the same time, according to the agency, in the fourth quarter it is necessary to pay 8.96 billion hryvnias (about $ 400 million) on external debt, and 71.33 billion hryvnias ($ 2.88 billion) on domestic debt.

In 2020, according to the government, Ukraine needs to pay 181.09 billion hryvnias ($ 7.3 billion) on external debts, and 217.08 billion hryvnas on domestic debts ($ 875 million at the current rate of the National Bank). The government debt management strategy, which was previously approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, provides that by 2020, debts will be reduced to 49% of GDP compared to 60% this year. In 2017, it amounted to 61.5% of GDP. The government plans that in 2019 the country's obligations will be reduced to 52.2%.

At the same time, according to experts, such a reduction in debt is possible only with stable economic growth and a reduction in the borrowing rate, which Kiev should continue to attract to calculate old debts. In addition, observers believe that Ukraine should seek restructuring of payments.