OREANDA-NEWSIn 2019, the number of owners of personal wealth of $ 30 million or more increased in Russia by 6%, and by 2024 it will grow by another 23%. This is stated in the report of the international consulting company Knight Frank The Wealth Report 2020.

According to company experts, by the end of 2019, the number of ultrahaynets in Russia amounted to 8,924 people, which is 331 more than a year earlier. By 2024, Knight Frank expects an increase in their number to 11,019 people. As a result, the number of Russian UHNWIs for the first time will exceed the 2014 figure (10,517).

In general, in the world the number of ultrahaynets in 2019 increased by 31 thousand people, reaching 513,244 people, for the period 2014-2019 their number increased by 29%. Over the same period, the number of multimillionaires in Russia decreased by 15%. Most multimillionaires, according to Knight Frank, now live in the United States (240.6 thousand people), China (61.6 thousand) and Germany (almost 23.1 thousand). Russia ranked ninth in this ranking.

Last year, Russia entered the top five countries with the largest number of dollar billionaires. The first three of this rating repeats the rating by the number of ultranets - the USA (631 people), China (316 people), Germany (129 people). In fourth place, according to Knight Frank, is India (104).