OREANDA-NEWSLithuania in the last instance - the Supreme Court of Sweden - lost the case of financial claims against the Russian company Gazprom in the amount of € 1.4 billion, the Ministry of Energy of the Republic reported on Monday.

"The Supreme Court of Sweden rejected the request of Lithuania to review the decision of the appellate court of this country, which was unfavorable for us, which upheld the 2016 Stockholm arbitration order", the agency said.

The litigation between Lithuania and the Russian concern lasted almost eight years. In Vilnius, they said that, taking advantage of its monopoly position in the Lithuanian natural gas market, Gazprom allegedly set an unfair price for imported raw materials in 2004-2012. It wasn't possible to prove this in court. As the Lithuanian Ministry of Energy informed, legal costs amounted to € 10.5 million.

Lithuania, having received no compensation, in 2016 filed a motion to reverse the decision of the Stockholm arbitration with the Court of Appeal of Sweden. If the country achieves the annulment of this decision, it will be able to present new requirements to Gazprom, according to the market.