OREANDA-NEWSThe London Stock Exchange Index fell 8.8% after opening trading on Monday amid a sharp decline in world oil prices. As of 08:10 (11:10 Moscow time), the FTSE-100 index fell to 5897 points, which are used to calculate the shares of one hundred companies with the highest capitalization. The total value of their securities fell by £ 130 billion ($ 170 billion).

The FTSE-250 index lost 6.4%, dropping to 17546 points. Oil and gas and mining companies showed the largest decline: BP (-20.7%), Anglo American (-13.5%), BHP Group (-14.6%), Glencore (-13.2%), Royal Dutch Shell (-22%). According to the American news agency, a number of British government bonds (two, three, four, six and seven years) on Monday for the first time in history traded at a negative rate.

Oil prices are falling amid news that OPEC+ countries, following the results of negotiations in Vienna, couldn't agree on an additional reduction in oil production amid falling demand due to the spread of a new type of coronavirus in the world.