OREANDA-NEWSSaudi pediatrician Suleiman Abdulaziz al-Habib will be one of the few doctors in the world with a fortune of more than $ 1 billion, according to Bloomberg.

According to the agency, after the completion of the IPO Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group (HMG, operates a network of medical institutions in Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries), under which it is planned to place 17.4 million shares at 50 riyals ($ 13.32) apiece, the cost of the remaining package in al-Habib itself is 49% will be 8.5 billion riyals ($ 2.3 billion).

Dr. al-Habib will be one of the few billionaires in Saudi Arabia not related to the royal family. The Bloomberg Billionaires Index now includes four local billionaires, the richest of whom is the nephew of the reigning king of Saudi Arabia, Salman and one of the most successful Arab investors, Prince Al-Waleed ibn Talal Al Saud, whose Bloomberg fortune is estimated at $ 14.4 billion. includes Prince Sultan Ibn Mohammed Ibn Saud Al Kabir, who belongs to the side branch of the royal family, whose representatives are not eligible for the throne. Bloomberg estimates his fortune at $ 5.02 billion.

In 2018, Forbes excluded representatives of Saudi Arabia from its list of billionaires, explaining this decision by the lack of objective information about the real value of their assets.